"Come experience the legendary Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo! ... Come watch a Pendleton Woolen Mills blanket being made! ... Come say hello to 'iconic' Hamley's ... Come tour the 'rowdy-past' Underground! ... Come have coffee at the Rainbow! ... Come stroll the River Walk! ... Come feel  genuine western hospitality!"  


Pendleton takes pride in its historic downtown business district first platted in 1868 with its Commercial Association being formed in 1893.  Many establishments boast a 100-year history here.  Locals have their favorite dining spots, but visitors find it difficult to choose.  Pendleton is, and always has been, a culturally rich community with avenues for the humanities overflowing with a diverse collection of artwork, musical groups, performing arts troupes, extensive museums and historical sites.  Farming and ranching around Pendleton is a proud tradition with many 'Century Farms' dotting the countryside.

The 'iconic' Pendleton Woolen Mills and the 'world-famous' Pendleton Round-Up have celebrated their centennials. The Bishop Family located their original woolen mill in Pendleton taking the company name from the town.  In 1910, the first Pendleton Round-Up, a rodeo beyond compare was 'a frontier exhibition of pictureque pastimes, Indian and military spectacles, cowboy racing and bronco busting for the championship of the Northwest'.  A century later it is the most traditional, largest outdoor rodeo in the USA.

The Native American Indians of the Umatilla, Walla Walla & Cayuse Tribes have lived in the Pendleton area for thousands of years.  They greeted the Lewis & Clark Expedition, traded with trappers, and helped emigrants along the Oregon Trail.  Their spirit of hospitality continues, as do their colorful pagentry and meaningful traditions.  This history of the Tribes is shown during the week of the Round-Up during the performance of the Happy Canyon Night Pageant.  Also occurring during the week are Native American dancing contests, and Native American beauty contests to fill up a Round-Up week of fun, adventure and history.  

                   2015 Round-Up Rodeo Adventure

        Our 5-Day / 4-Night Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo Adventure
                           takes place on September 16-20, 2015
           with Wildhorse Resort & Casino check-out on the 20th ... 

 If you don't want to stay 4 nights, then 'gift' one or two nights
                                            to a friend or family !!!


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